Enjoy Learning Surrounded by the Beautiful Fall Colours of the Tourond Creek? WOW! September 2nd, 2014

It’s that time of year to fall back into step with the pace of the school routine. A new season, a new school year and maybe a new way of looking at learning? Have you ever heard about schools that teach their students outside? Well Manitoba may not be ideal for this during our cold winters, we could maybe learn a little from a school in Canmore, Alberta that’s doing just that! Take a look at this article for a bit of culture and innovation on teaching math and the alphabet outside.  http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/09/13/alpenglow-community-school/

If you’re tired of the ordinary desks-on-tile and would like to learn in a new frontier, the TCDC is your diamond in the rough.  Especially during the fall, when the mosquitoes are gone and the colours are showing their brilliance, outdoor learning really comes to life!

Contact us for a booking today, your first trip is free 🙂

No more peeing in the bush! Yeah? May 13th, 2013

For all of you kids itching to get out of the classroom, let your teacher’s know you’d be happy to do your math if they take it to the wilderness:) What could be better than fractions in the bush?!?!!

For you teachers, the Tourond Creek Discovery Centre now has portable toilets on site for your convenience and comfort? LOL! They are equipped with the softest recycled paper and plenty of fruity hand sanitizer, but unfortunately the heated seats have not come in at the time of this article.

For the journalism types, all classes are welcome and encouraged to write a blog about their experience at the TCDC to post here too! Send in the clowns, pictures, write-ups and the songs you sang lying on the hill contemplating life’s ups and downs. Ahhhh, to be young again and know that you are. Could we ask for anything more? A trampoline would be nice.

To all your great experiences this spring!

Happy Bushwacking,

Jodi G.

TCDC is open for spring bookings! February 22nd, 2013

Winter is coming to an end….. I said, “Winter is coming to an end”!  Well at some point it will end and what a better way to enter into spring than to plan an outdoor event at Tourond Creek Discovery Centre. The lookout tower is up, the dock is in, the welcome sign will be up soon and the shelter is in the planning process to keep everyone warm and dry on the rainy days.

We have some new field trip activities tried, tested and true from Russ Dirks. Russ also has all the supplies you would need for any of the activities (critter dipping nets, drinking water jugs, etc.).

Send us an email to book the TCDC or feel free to give us a call at the office (424-5845).

Enjoy the rest of the winter!